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Rainbow Bay, The Gold Coast, QLD

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My little grandsons grew up in Los Angeles but their parents have returned to live in Australia, (Yippee). We had Sonya and the boys stay with us for two weeks before they continued on to Melbourne where their dad is working. They will make a new home there.

While they were here they met a few Aussie animals. My neighbour introduced them to her pet bearded dragon (lizard.) Needless to say Fox was a bit apprehensive but very brave.

Banjo and Sonya had a pat too.

I took them to the forest where we saw a koala and a wallaby. "Look boys can you see the wallaby?"  "What's a wallaby?" 
"A small kangaroo" 
"Oh yes. I can see it. Lets creep up to it."

"Can you see the big lump in her pouch? There is a joey in there. Try to feed her some grass."
"Go on Banjo you go first." (But she hopped away)

We took them into town on the train. It was their first time on a train. They went to South Bank Parklands for a swim.

On the way home Fox had fun with Granddad and his camera.

 Other days we went to the skate park.

We went to all the different playgrounds in the area.

 Granddad and Fox constructing a star wars ship with Leggo

Grandma and the boys enjoyed feeding the ducks at our nearby lake.

This was a first for us, entertaining grandchildren at home. It was fun and hectic. Sure did liven up our quiet household. I was exhausted after two weeks and that was with their mother here too. I take my hat off to those of you who regularly care for grandchildren.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Our Birthday Bear Group have celebrated another birthday. We went to Baan Thai Restaurant, Springwood. The food is good, the price is normal and the service only just okay.
(L to R) Bob, Bill, George, Paul, Birthday Bear, Helen, Chris, Mary, Ann and I'm behind the camera.
Our group was complete this time because Bob and Chris were in town on a break from their nomadic travels. Bob had to have back surgery but as you can see he is making a good recovery.

 It was Paul's 79th birthday. We were all so happy for him to have seen this birthday arrive. Paul was diagnosed with mesothelioma (malignant cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) in 2010. There is no cure and the  average survival rate is twelve months. As you can see, Paul has survived for five years and he is the longest surviving patient in Queensland. He is such a stoic fighter and will not give in to this dreadful illness. He has had surgery, many, many chemo treatments and radiotherapy as well as a new trial treatment. He has been in hospital many times and he suffers a lot of pain. It has been a long hard road for both him and his wife Helen.

Because Paul can't do very much he enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and stamp collecting. So Birthday Bear thought it would be nice to give Paul a hand at organising stamps. Luckily, Bear borrowed some stamp albums and equipment to bring along to dinner and surprise Paul.

For any new readers not familiar with our Birthday Bear Tradition click here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


 Last Saturday our two daughters and two grandsons arrived at Brisbane Airport after flying all night from LA. Sonya and Bernie are moving back to Australia....hooray! Sonya and the boys are staying in Brisbane for a few weeks while Bernie settles into his new job in Melbourne. Carol flew to LA to help Sonya finish packing and shipping belongings home as well as helping with the boys on the flight to Brisbane.
The boys were pleased to see us as we pulled into the pick up spot at the airport. The girls looked a little tired.
 It sure has livened up our quiet home.  Carol stayed overnight and then flew home to Sydney. We have taken the children to the local playgrounds.

 We have been to the forest to see koalas and find friends to play with.

 We have been to the lagoon to feed the ducks.

 Banjo taste tests the bread first.

Fox was hand feeding them.

Banjo watered the pot plants for me before they packed up the hire car and headed down to Mullumbimbi for a Circus Festival and four days camping.  
Sonya has to get used to driving on the left again.