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Currumbin Beach, South East Queensland.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


We had an overnight stay at Scarborough Beach on the Redcliffe Peninsula jutting into Moreton Bay. I found this neat app for photos and maps called Photo Mapo for iPad. There are many different styles from which to choose.

I'm still not happy with blogger these days as my photos are uploading blurry unless I upload them from Picasa.

In the morning before we left Helen, Mary and I went for a walk to the beach. We came across this carving in a tree. There was no information about it but it had Gollum written on the door. I believe Gollum is a fictitional character from the Hobbit and other stories.

Then we walked along the beach.

We found a lot of jelly fish washed up on the shore.

Upside down makes a pattern.

We drove a little further down the coast of the bay to Redcliffe. We walked out onto the pier and saw hundreds of jelly fish.

Later we saw on the TV news that there are thousands of them all along the south east coast of Queensland. It is called a bloom. "Jellyfish bloom formation is a complex process that depends on ocean currents, nutrients, sunshine, temperature, season, prey availability, reduced predation and oxygen concentrations. Ocean currents tend to congregate jellyfish into large swarms or "blooms", consisting of hundreds or thousands of individuals. They are not dangerous but can give a sting." (Wikipedia.)

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It was our friend, Paul's birthday a few weeks ago but we only celebrated with Birthday Bear recently. Paul chose to go to Morgan's Seafood Buffet at Scarborough. As it is quite a long drive north of Brisbane we all stayed overnight at the Scarborough Beach Resort.

After we checked in we explored the units and had afternoon tea. Here we admired???? the painting on the wall with  ' tongue in cheek.'

 It was a happy occasion because we are so lucky to have Paul still with us to celebrate his 78th birthday. He has been suffering with Mesothelioma Cancer for 4 years. Very few sufferers last longer than 18 months. He is such a champion fighter even though he is in constant pain. Here he is enjoying his seafood buffet.

This was my choice.

 After dinner when we arrived back at the units, Birthday Bear was waiting to help Paul do some jigsaw puzzles. Paul enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and he can do them very quickly. So Bear brought along quite a few to keep them both busy for a while.

 Paul couldn't wait to get started. Mary was the one who chose Bear's outfit and accessories this time. To find out more about our Birthday Bear Tradition read Birthday Bear's Blog 

We had tea, cake and a happy time chatting before retiring.

The next morning Bear helped George start on the smallest puzzle while some of us went for a walk along the beach.
Photo by Mary.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


A few more birds from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary visit.

Rainbow Lorikeet


Moor Hen

Magpie Goose


Wedge Tailed Eagle

A ring in...the Macaw isn't Australian
 At this point in the show the rain came down but the bird handler kept on with the show.

The tourists kept on with the tour.