Christmas lights Daisy Hill

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


For readers, who have been following my blog for years will know that I have been writing My Story in post form now and then. I must thank those of you who left encouraging comments and suggested I publish my stories in a book. Well I have just published my second book titled "Butterflies in my Tummy", which covers my adventures between 1956 and 1970.  Now I am going to continue my story only because I am renovating my old photo albums and scanning the photos. Hopefully, the stories will continue to interest my children and some of my readers. However, after the adventures my family had as pioneering new Australians, my working and fun years in PNG and an exciting time travelling the world and living in Switzerland the rest of my story is a bit ordinary.

Bill and I arrived back in Australia after spending 1970 romping around the world. We came back from Europe  by ship with our car in the hold. On board we had made friends with a Swiss couple, who were migrating to Sydney. However, Bill talked them into coming to Brisbane with us. At first they were accommodated in a migrant camp in Sydney while Bill and I stayed with my parents. 

Even though Bill was promised a job in Brisbane we were short on funds to get there so we sold our nice new car, which was a model not available in Australia. We bought a second hand one and a trailer and loaded our belongings together with our Swiss friends, Silvia and Rene and off we drove to Brisbane. We had a block of land there and we decided it was time to settle down.

When we set off the weather was fine as we crossed over the Hawkesbury River.

 We showed Sivia and Rene our beautiful beaches on the NSW coast. I couldn't resist a photo of the old fisherman. Then it started to rain. Our trailer, full of belongings was covered with a tarpaulin but the water ran into the trailer and our stuff got wet.

Rene, Silvia and me.
When we arrived in Brisbane we found two flats  in the same old building in Red Hill. They were under the house like a basement. We hung all our wet blankets, sheets, towels and everything all around the flat to dry because it was still raining.

We spent the first week helping Rene and Silvia find jobs. (They were easy to find in the seventies) I applied to the education department but the reply was that they didn't need married women. Bill had a job waiting for him with Carrier Airconditioning. We spent some free time playing Jass, a Swiss card game.

 The view over the suburbs from our flat in Red Hill

Friday, December 2, 2016


At this time of the year our tennis club have a day out including lunch to celebrate  Christmas and the end of the tennis season until February. Our co-ordinator, Judy organised us lunch at Redcliffe, a northern suburb on the banks of Moreton Bay. We went by public transport just for fun and so we could chatter together. We had to catch two trains and a bus. It included the brand new train line to Redcliffe Peninsula. It took two hours but we didn't notice it with so many friends to chat to.

We arrived a little early for lunch so after a coffee we went for a stroll around the bay and out onto the jetty. 

We also took a walk down Bee Gee Lane. It is a tribute to the Bee Gees Band. The Redcliffe community are very proud of the fact that the Bee Gees grew up in Redcliffe after migrating from England as children. It is where they first started their recording career. Recently, Barry Gib came to Redcliffe to advise on the statues, photos and stories and he also opened the Lane when it was complete

 The tennis ladies and the Bee Gees. You can see that there was a strong breeze blowing off the bay. At least it kept us cool. We are heading for a heatwave over the weekend.

This is another statue of the boys when they were young, like they were when they lived here. I remember seeing them perform on the Gold Coast in 1963.The tennis ladies got sick of posing for me but kept up their humour and smiles.

 So then I tried candid and caught them all laughing. You  can see in the background how the lane wall is full of photos and stories of their career. There is also a huge TV screen where their shows are playing as well as interviews with Barry. So while you stroll down the lane you can sing along with their music. I tried to make a little short 40sec video of this. It also includes an interesting sculpture at the end of the lane that rotates in the wind. It is mesmerising.The sculpture is called OPTO by Phill Price in 2011.

Then it was time for lunch at Preecs's Restaurant, The food and service was good. We were on the footpath in the shade with a great view of the bay. The wine went down well.

Some ladies indulged in desserts. They looked delicious but I abstained.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We had a few trips to town for appointments. I tried to capture the city buzz with my phone.

 Christmas decoration in the Queen St Mall.

 The City Christmas tree in King George Square

 The heritage listed Albert St Uniting Church dwarfed by the first tower to be built in Brisbane in 1971.

I was struck by the squiggle on this building. After some research, I discovered that it is an imprint of the Brisbane River. The building was completed in 2015. The building is nicknamed "Brisbane River Tower". The smaller building next to the tower is called 192 Central. Both buildings are owned by Daisho, a Japanese company. 
The bronze sculpture is one of four at the entrance to King Edward Park.  The sculpture is called Forme de Mitte (Forms of Myth) by Arnaldo Pomodoro. 
A Jacaranda tree is trying to soften the concrete jungle.

Another day we were walking from the CBD to Fortitude Valley and passed Warry St where Hassel Architect's building is on the left. It is a heritage listed building. It was a bakery, the ovens are still a feature inside the building. This is where our daughter works when she is sent to the Brisbane Office from Sydney. The Poinciana Tree brightens up the street.